SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The city of Tijuana has announced plans to double its police force in the downtown area of the city for Halloween, especially along Avenida Revolución, which has turned into a big gathering spot for partygoers.

It’s also become a tradition to have many establishments in the area hand out candy and other gifts during Halloween, drawing even more visitors to the area and requiring additional police officers on patrol.

José Fernando Sánchez González, head of public safety in the city, says the officers will be making rounds in areas such as shopping malls, bars and restaurants.

He said more officers will be dispatched in surrounding neighborhoods to ensure children can trick-or-treat safely.

“For years now, we’ve been seeing more and more children out on the streets asking for candy, but now we have many adults in full costume going out along Avenida Revolución,” said Sánchez González. “We recommend adults don’t cover their faces, some will take advantage of this to commit crimes.”

Checkpoints will also be implemented along popular streets to look for drivers who have been drinking as a way to cut down on automobile accidents during Halloween.

“We are considering several points along the city to supervise and make sure people aren’t drinking and driving,” said Sánchez González.