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Pilot grateful for safe landing in field, FAA investigates

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) - "I would just like to in someways forget this. but that's not life," Pilot David Dewald said. "You learn from it, you assess the situation and you think of 'how I can do things better."

Veteran flying instructor David DeWald watchedo ver a team from SweetAviation as they worked on the plane ahead of a move back to the airport it took off from. 

"There's some sadness in someways of a plane," DeWald added. "It's just an object, but on the other hand, you do get pretty close to them and it's taken me on a lot of wonderful trips and adventures."

It's also taken hundreds of kids for rides in the Young Eagles program. This time, another pilot was riding along. Both came out alright.

"It was fine, we checked in with each other to make sure that really happened," DeWald said while laughing. "We talked about how smooth it was. There was no fear really in the whole process."

FAA investigators visited the field yesterday and planned to make a return trip to the city to take a closer look at the plane. An FAA representative told NewsChannel 15 it could take several weeks to figure out what part of the engine failed.

"They were very good people and I was happy too work with them last night and I felt genuinely their concern about making aviation better and that's something I've dedicate much of my life to, so it was neat."

Dewald says he's grateful to God for the safe landing, his wife for support and past students who have been checking in on him.

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