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Mayoral candidate Crawford outlines platform

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Fort Wayne City Councilman Dr. John Crawford on Tuesday outlined his platform for his 2019 mayoral bid.

Crawford, an at-large Republican councilman, announced he'll focus on five major issues when he runs for the Fort Wayne mayor's office next year. They include:

  • Fiscal responsibility. Crawford will call for a "zero-based budget" to cut costs, and minimize regulations on businesses to keep money in the private sector.
  • Opiate use reduction and public health. Crawford said the city must focus on treating opioid addiction by offering more drug rehabilitation programs. He said doctors should limit prescriptions of opioids, and the city should coordinate local resources.
  • Crime. Crawford said the city needs tougher crime-fighting strategies. He called for a witness protection program to better solve and prosecute crimes. He added that programs like Fort Wayne UNITED will help said youth on a better path.
  • Economic development. Crawford said the riverfront development and the Electric Works project in downtown Fort Wayne will strongly benefit the city, like the Parkview Field development did a decade ago.
  • Greater collaboration with elected officials. Crawford said as mayor, he would meet with the Allen County commissioners and other elected officials and community leaders to "work together better." He pledged to attend council meetings.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, a Democrat, has not said whether he'll run for a fourth term in office or not.

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