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Fort Wayne native, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist visits IPFW

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - One of Fort Wayne's native sons is back in the Summit City. Charlie Savage is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and writer for the New York Times Washington Bureau  He's become an expert on the post 9-11 presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

He is speaking as part of the IPFW Omnibus Lecture Series at the Rhinehart Music Center Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Savage published the book Power Wars: Inside Obama's Post 9-11 Presidency. That shaped his talk in Fort Wayne. But of course, Trump did come up.

He said Bush got a lot of criticism for being secretive and going around the law in cases dealing with national security.  When Obama took office Savage said he ended up keeping a lot of what bush did but diminished it in scale. For example, Guantanamo bay is still open, but has fewer detainees.

As for Trump, Savage said it's anyone's guess what his tactics will be, but it will be interesting.

"I was thinking when Hillary was looking to be the successor that's in some ways it was going to be less interesting because we thought she would just in broad strokes at least continue Obama's policies," Savage said. "There wouldn't be a lot of change but just more of the same. Clearly now we are entering a period of turbulence and great change to what we will see."

Savage said Trump said a lot of big things about national security on the campaign trail, but that doesn't me he'll actually do it once in office.

"We don't really know what he's going to do," Savage said. "His campaign rhetoric certainly suggested he wanted to bring back some of the most controversial aspects of the Bush administrations policies on steroids. We are going to water board and a hell of a lot worse. But is he really going to do them or not we don't know. Even during the campaign we saw one day he was going to do this then the next maybe that's just a negotiating position."

Savage grew up in Fort Wayne and attended Northside High School. His parents still live here and he and his family come back to visit often.

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