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3 Fort Wayne men arrested in Wyoming with 300 lbs of pot

SWEETWATER COUNTY, Wyo. (WANE) - Three Fort Wayne men driving across the country were arrested in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, with hundreds of pounds of marijuana, according to the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Police said the van was stopped Sunday morning on I-80 east of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

A sheriff's department statement said a van with Illinois plates was stopped by Deputy Sheriff Derek Morrell and his partner, K9 Deputy Jara. The driver was identified as 26-year-old Kyle Bolton. 61-year-old Mack Magee Jr. and 20-year-old Antes Holliness-Ransom were passengers in the van.

Investigators said Jara became alert to the presence of drugs in the van. The van was searched and 293.3 pounds of marijuana, $700 in cash, and an electronic currency counting machine were found.

The drugs have a street value of $1.4 million, according to police.

The marijuana was packaged in a total of 260 vacuum-sealed plastic bags in ten suitcases.

Bolton, Magee, and Holliness-Ranson were arrested on several felony charges including, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, and conspiracy.

The three men had an initial court appearance Monday in Green River, Wyoming. Bond was set at $100,000 each.


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