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Fort Wayne girl scout awarded for saving mom's life

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Before her 10th birthday, Morgan Bracht was a hero, a life-saver and now, and award-winner.

One day in May 2016, Morgan was home with her mother, Katie Bracht, when Katie became unresponsive. Katie is diabetic and her blood sugar level had become dangerously low.

Morgan, a 9-year-old Girl Scout, called her grandparents for help, then called 911. When paramedics arrived, Morgan gave them key medical and demographic information and her mother's medications, then prepared a meal for her mother to raise her blood sugar level.

The paramedics described Morgan as "calm, courteous, confident and proficient" in the face of a health crisis.

On Wednesday, Morgan was honored with the Girl Scout Medal of Honor at a presentation in front of fellow fourth-graders at Hickory Center Elementary School. The award is given to a Girl Scout for saving a life or attempting to save a life without risk to the candidate's own life.

Morgan saved her mom's life.

"Due to Morgan's quick actions, her mother's condition did not deteriorate to a critical level," said one of the paramedics who treated Katie Bracht. "The paramedic crew indicated that Morgan was calm, courteous, confident and proficient in her actions that she provided in this emergency situation."

That's what Girl Scouts learn, said Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana CEO Sharon Pohly.

"Girl Scouts gives girls a wide range of experiences to define leadership their way as a Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker or Leader," said Pohly "Morgan is a perfect example of being a Risk-Taker, showing courage and strength in dealing with a health crisis."

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