Father accused of molesting daughter over 12 years

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A father who police believe molested his daughter for more than 12 years - years after being convicted of sexually battering her when she was four years old - now faces a slew of felony charges.

A 43-year-old man was charged Tuesday in Allen Superior Court with five counts of felony child molesting, five counts of felony sexual misconduct with a minor and three counts of felony incest. He's accused of molesting his biological daughter from September 2002 through December 2014.

Newschannel 15 is not identifying the man because it would then identify his daughter.

According to the man's probable cause affidavit, Fort Wayne police were called in December to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center to investigate a report of a rape after a woman said her father had fed her a half-gallon of vodka in a hotel room and had sex with her.

The woman said her father had called her that night and said he wanted to discuss issues he was having with his girlfriend, the affidavit said. She said he picked her up and drove to a hotel, where he gave her a bottle of vodka to drink, the affidavit said. With a half-gallon down, the woman said her father took her clothes off and had sex with her, the affidavit said.

The woman, now an adult, told investigators that such incidents had occurred throughout her life, and on a regular basis since she was 11 years old, the affidavit said. The man first had sex with her in 2003, in the summer between the girl's fifth- and sixth-grade years, while her mother was in Las Vegas, the affidavit said.

The woman said the sex stopped on a regular basis when she moved out of her father's home in 2013 when she was 21-years-old. She said he became angry after that, and was admitted to Parkview Hospital after making suicidal threats to his daughter, the affidavit said.

During an interview with investigators, the man denied all the allegations, the affidavit said.

DNA tests on at least two swabs, though, showed the man "cannot be excluded" as a match, and another matched his DNA to that recovered from the woman's body after the December encounter.

In 1997 the man was convicted of felony sexual battery. The victim was his daughter, who was four-years-old at the time. He was sentenced to probation.

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